Our Vision

Is to inspire families to go outside and be active. In our modern world it seems outdoor family time is an increasingly rare commodity.

Remember when family games in the backyard or local park was how we spent our spare time? Here at Viva Active we do.

We want to lead you to re-discover the thrill of connecting in the physical world. You know when your heart is pumping and fun and competition puts a smile on your face.

Well, that feeling is the reason Viva Active exists.

Our Products

Let’s be honest, your grandpa wouldn’t be too impressed with many products available today. Shiny things that look good on the shelf but last only a week or two in the real world. Our goal: to impress your grandpa.

Our Range

Whether it’s getting outside with products in our Outdoor Living range, or raising the pace with products in our Outdoor Games and Sports Equipment ranges, click through this site to explore our extensive product range.

Our Promise

Like your grandpa, we’ve got no time for charlatans. Our promise is to deliver well-designed products at great value for money, as simple as that. Viva Active is a synonym for integrity and experience.